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Book publishing software, or desktop publishing software (computer program,) involves using a personal computer and page layout software to create documents for publication. They can be published on a computer for either large scale publishing or small scale local multifunctional peripheral output and distribution. The term “desktop publishing” is often used to describe the page layout for paper and book publishing. The same skills and software, however, can be used for promotional uses, trade show exhibits, outdoor signs, retail package designs and point of sale displays. There are two basic types of pages in book publishing software: electronic pages and virtual pages to be printed on actual paper pages. All documents are electronic, created by the author and book publishing software. They are limited in size only by your computer memory or computer data storage space. Some desktop publishing software has custom sizes for large projects such as posters, billboards, etc. But we are more concerned with the book publishing aspects of the software.

Book publishing software comes with key features for different types of publications. Book publishing software is also available according to need for small publishers, medium publishers and large publishers. Basic desktop publishing has tools to control type, layout and design of pages and graphics. The software has the ability to create master pages and style sheets that are used to structure documents and also utilities to check the files for compliance with the printing industry’s standards. Some book publishing software has special effects like image-editing tools. Others are more specific for books and multi-chapter publications with the ability to create footnotes and endnotes, table of contents and indexes. There are many different types of book publishing software on the market today. A quick search online will help you decide which is the right one for your business or personal publishing needs.


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